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Getting married in 2019? Here are the wedding trends you must know about

2019 wedding trends - Kameo Designs


Every little girl dreams of a fairytale wedding, but as we grow older our penchant for meringue-inspired wedding dresses, flowers in only various shades of bubblegum pink, and dancing to the soundtrack of the Spice Girls becomes less appealing. Also because the groom is just not that into the Spice Girls (for some inexplicable reason?!).

But just because the look and feel you’d like your big day to have has evolved doesn’t mean it should be any less spectacular. Here’s what you need to know about the hottest wedding trends for 2019 – take note but add your own stamp (and the groom’s, of course) of individuality to ensure your wedding is the most wow-worthy!

Dress to impress

Yes, a wedding is about celebrating the love two people have for each other. But it’s also about the wedding dress. It’s totally about the dress. Princess Meghan Markle set the bar high with her showstopper of a dress at the royal wedding in 2018 and we’re likely to see more versions of this simple but oh-so sophisticated style on brides around the world for at least the next year.

And it’s not like copying because Meg’s dress is simply a classic. Made of silk with three-quarter length sleeves and an open boat neckline it’s the kind of style that is always elegant and suits many figures. Nothing says elegant and sophisticated quite as well as a plain but stylish wedding dress.

Fear not though those who live by a more-is-more philosophy – puffed sleeves, floral elements, geometric patterns and even polka dots are hot news in the wedding dress department too. 

Elegant entourages

Speaking of more-is-more, this also applies to bridal parties. It’s a case of the more, the merrier when it comes to your bridal party in 2019. Phew, because the eliminates the awkwardness that would have resulted from not asking Cousin Crazy to be one of your leading ladies.

And lead they will, in dresses with lace highlights, statement sleeves, sequins and high slits, much like these:




Velour and textured fabrics are also still all the rage, and when you look at this one it’s pretty obvious why!



The best part about bridesmaid dress trends is that it is totally cool to have your girls in different styles, but in the same colour. This is a massive win, because it means everybody can opt for a style that best suits their body type. That way the dress also has wear-again potential. Personally we love it when a bridesmaid dresses can be worn again.


Kameo Summer 2018 - Bridesmaids shoot


And still, there are more options. Both the multiway dress and a two-piece, skirt and tops ensemble, are wedding outfits you simply can’t go wrong with. 


Green is the new white

And by green we mean environmentally friendly, of course. This planet is our only home, and just as the bride and groom vow to take care of each other, so too do we all need to commit to looking after the Earth. It’s cool to be (eco) conscious at weddings and we’re seeing this come through in trends that range from opting for potted plants rather than fresh-cut flowers, recycling bins at the venue, electronic invitations and encouraging guests to carpool.

Thinking “green” is great when it comes to your bridesmaids’ attire too. Allow them to select a style and even a colour that they really like in the type of dress they would wear again, which is less of a waste than going for something that is going to spend the rest of its existence in a dark cupboard.

Nudity is allowed 

It is a wedding, after all. Just joking! We’re talking about nude cakes. They’s still all the rage for 2019 weddings. And it’s perfectly understandable why – nude cakes have an understated elegance about them that allows for them to be “accessorised” with anything from fresh flowers to quirky ornaments. For once it is a case of having your (naked) cake and eating it!

The difference is in the details 

Your wedding is about making the day yours, and if that means getting the guests involved in folding 1000 origami swans then that’s what you do. If it means having a no-phone rule, go for it. Why have a violinist when you’d prefer a magician, or a mixologist or a monkey doing cartwheels – there are no rules really.

Trends are a useful guide, but the magic happens when it’s authentic and really a reflection of the two people whose special day it is. Go crazy and enjoy – just make sure you look fabulous doing it!

View more of our wedding designs in our Look Book, Summer Bridesmaid Collection 2018 or see the full Catalogue.
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