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How to propose… to your bridesmaids

There are a number of big things that need to be done in the lead-up to a wedding like book a venue, agree on the guest list, placate your mother-in-law… you know what we’re talking about?!


And then there is still a(nother) proposal that needs to be done. No don’t worry guys, there isn’t some little-known rule that you actually have to propose twice. Ladies, we’re talking about asking your friends to be by your side as your bridesmaids.


The bridesmaids proposal is a great opportunity to spoil your besties, have a good time and get them to commit to supporting you (even when you’re being Bridezilla at her irritating best!). Seriously though, your wedding is a big deal and having your closest friends by your side just adds to the magic of the journey and the beauty of the Big Day.


So rather than just ask, ask them in a fun and memorable way. Here are some of our best ideas for getting your besties on board.


Dinner date


Wine them, dine them and all will be fine! Seriously, lay the table like it’s your and hubby’s first post-wedding date night (good practice round!) – we’re talking linen napkins, candles, flowers, romantic background music and treat your girls to the ultimate dinner date.


If the ambience is right you don’t need to worry too much about the food… who says you can’t eat pizza by candlelight? But you may as well pull out all the stops (you are basically asking these women to go to a metaphorical war of sorts with you), so totally pull the Nigella Lawson cookbook closer and whip up the cheese souffle like it’s nobody’s business.


The question could come in the form of a note written in chocolate sauce on the dessert plate, or you could replicate the most romantic 80s movies by popping something into their drinks and stopping them just before they swallow to ask the big question!


It’s all about being creating, playful and having a fun night with your soon-to-be bridesmaids.


High tea


There are ladies who lunch and then there are ladies who prefer donning their heels at a leisurely high tea.


It’s up to you whether you go out somewhere fancy for this, or choose to do it at home – which can be just as fancy. If you’re doing it at home, this is a great opportunity to dust off your gran’s antique teacups and saucers, that gorgeous vintage cake stand your mom has had since her kitchen tea and to lay a table like only a hostess with the mostest (you!!) can. This is also a great opportunity to test your hand at baking all the sweet treats your to-be loves and testing it on your girlfriend.



Make sure when you invite the ladies to mention that they should dress to the nines in their classiest frock, pearls and kitten heels! Jeans and sneakers don’t really go with Earl Grey and Petit Fours, you know…


When everybody is settled and comfortable (and indulging in your soon-to-be-famous macarons), get up, call for attention and ask your friends this g favour in your poshest accent. After all the delights, they simply won’t decline.


Pamper party


We’re talking PJs, pedis, popcorn and hot chocolate and chick flicks! Chances are there aren’t going to be that many opportunities to have a girls’ night of this kind once you’ve tied the knot.


In terms of the actual asking, how about surprising them each with pamper pack filled with goodies like body wash, sweet treats, a silky dressing gown (these are also super cute for the getting ready wedding photos!) and perhaps even a voucher for a mani. A extra gesture that will certainly be appreciated is to include a note that not only asks them to be your bridesmaid but also tells them what you treasure about each of them.


While weddings are first and foremost about the love two people have for each other and the public commitment they make in that regard, weddings are also about celebrating with the ones we love, like our girlfriends. So go on, make your proposal a fun and memorable one!   

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