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My Style: Amy Jones

My Style: Amy Jones

She’s performed for the president, always looks like a million bucks and has the voice of an angel. Simply, we can’t get enough of singer songwriter Amy Jones, so imagine how happy we were when she let us in on her style secrets!

How would you describe your personal style?

I think it’s very sophisticated, but also edgy and young. I also love vintage styles. 

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me means to express YOU. Every day the trend is changing, but you’ll always find something that shouts your name, so fashion to me is about expressing the best version of yourself to you first, before showcasing it to others. If you love what you are wearing, 90% of people will also love what you’re wearing. 

What’s your favourite fashion trend of all time?
My favourite fashion trend of all time would be the prints and the florals, and  the wide vintage sleeves. There’s so many, it’s hard to just pick one. 

Who is your style icon?
My style icon right now is Dua Lipa. I love her boldness and confidence and with that you can make anything look amazing! 

What are your thoughts on the local fashion industry?
My thoughts on the local fashion industry is that it’s really growing, and fast! I admire those designers who craft, who design, who produce… It takes a huge amount of courage to be a designer in South Africa and I have so much respect for the local fashion industry. 

What is the one fashion item that you loved as a teenager that you now cringe at?
Those army pants, but it wasn’t a tight fit. I used to wear a chained silver belt with it. I always watched what the Disney stars wore and tried to look in my cupboard for anything similar. I was that kind of a teenager.  

What fashion item do you like to splurge?
 Leather pants and skinnies… and shoes. 

What are the three statement pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?
The thee statement pieces I think every woman should have in her wardrobe is:
1. A fabulous dress
2. A funky-looking boot
3. A gorgeous handbag

What, in your opinion, is the ultimate accessory?
In my opinion the ultimate accessory would be jewellery or an incredible bag that’ll either break the colours you’re wearing or match is perfectly. 

Stilettos or block heels?
Block heels definitely! 

What’s your favourite colour?

What would you not be seen dead wearing?
Colourful stockings or an outfit that looks like I’m drowning in. 

If you had to choose 5 fives items of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
1. Freddy Jeans – they are SO comfortable
2. Adidas trainers – I love training and running
3. Black platform boots – it can simply go with anything
4. Turtle necks – it’s my favourite thing to wear during winter
5. Floral dress – what is summer without a lovely, cute floral dress?

Do you ever wear hats?
When my hair is straight YES, which is not often haha 

What’s your best kept fashion secret?
My best kept fashion secret… I can’t say, cause then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!  

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?
The best fashion advice I’ve ever received was “If you don’t feel good, confident and most importantly BEAUTIFUL in what you’re wearing, than it’s not worth wearing it at all.” And also “to be YOU in whatever you choose to wear and to OWN IT.”

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