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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help you look your best! Got a question? It may be one of these!
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy from Kameo directly?

Kameo supplies Young Designers Emporium (YDE) exclusively where collections and/or custom orders can be purchased. YDE have outlets across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a custom style dress for me?

Unfortunately we are not able to take custom orders but our ranges cater to a variety of tastes and styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a dress made in any colour?

Yes, we can make any Kameo dress that is available in the catalogue or in stores in a custom colour as long as we are able to source all the components of the dress in your desired colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I pay more for a customised colour dress order?

Yes, this dress will cost slightly more as it is not part of our production run and the cost is higher to make a small order of dresses. When you contact us to request a quote, please include the following information: style, colour, size, quantity and your nearest YDE store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are dresses available in and can you make custom sizes?

Most dresses are available in a standard size small, medium, large and extra-large. If we do not have a size you require we can custom make this at an additional cost, which takes the pattern fee and small batch limitations into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit a dress?

Most Kameo dresses are available at YDE stores. Please send an email enquiry to the Kameo team if there is a specific dress you are looking for and your nearest store so that we can check the availability for you to try it on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the dress I am interested is no longer in stock and I cannot fit it for size?

You can send your measurements to us with your custom order and we will advise what size you need to order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How must I measure myself?

Measure your bust, waist and hips. (see diagram)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a custom order take?

It depends of the availability of the specific fabric, as well as the when by when you require the dresses. Custom orders typically take 3 to 4 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a custom length for a dress?

Kameo dresses are designed to a standard length. Our dresses tend to be on the longer side so that customers can have it shortened, if necessary. We do not alter the length of the dresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I pay a deposit for a custom dress?

There is no deposit required. Once your dress is ready it is sent to your nearest YDE where you will need to purchase it instore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come in for an appointment?

We do not offer a service where we see clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me locate a dress in YDE stores?

Yes we can.Let us know which style you are interested in, the sizes you require, the quantities, as well as the YDE store you would like to purchase at, and we’ll send you the necessary details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a dress sent from one YDE store to another?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for inter-branch transfers. Remember to also have a look on YDE online shop for any desired stock.

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