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Kameo Fashion Blog

My Style: Fouzia Hilton

She’s fabulous, friendly and fashionable – she’s Fouzia Hilton, blogger, foodie and makeup enthusiast. She knows a thing or two (actually way more) about looking good. We asked her to tell us more…

Cato Louw
My Style: Cato Louw

Cato Louw certainly knows her backstroke from her birdie but she also knows her block heels from her bellbottoms. This sassy sports broadcaster shares her thoughts on style, what it means and more with us!

My Style: Amy Jones

She’s performed for the president, always looks like a million bucks and has the voice of an angel. Simply, we can’t get enough of singer songwriter Amy Jones, so imagine how happy we were when she let us in on her style secrets!

My Style: Success Lekabe

Smart, savvy and stylish are just some of the ways one might describe Success Lekabe, DJ at Bok Radio in Cape Town. She’s totally a Kameo kind of girl, and we are delighted to have her share her thoughts on style, fashion and more.

With love from London

Coffee, shopping and trend spotting. In London! Yup, sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


It is, and we were lucky enough to do just that at the end of March. And were we delighted/inspired/in-awe!


How to propose… to your bridesmaids

There are a number of big things that need to be done in the lead-up to a wedding like book a venue, agree on the guest list, placate your mother-in-law… you know what we’re talking about?!


And then there is still a(nother) proposal that needs to be done. No don’t worry guys, there isn’t some little-known rule that you actually have to propose twice. Ladies, we’re talking about asking your friends to be by your side as your bridesmaids.